CDS has a program that veterans can come to called the Warrior SALUTE program. The program helps veterans with stress disorders and brain injuries get their lives back to normal. CDS started this program because there are a lot of people coming home from war who need a program to help them transition back into society. The SALUTE program offers occupational, physical and speech therapies for participants. Individual, group, and family counseling services are also available. There are also a variety of activities including: art, music, swimming, and fitness. Participants get a case manager who assists them with job training and getting a job in the community.

There are already a few participants coming to the program and they have noticed changes in their lives in the short time they have been here. One participant told us that he improved in three different areas: memory, speech, and being in a group setting.

The SALUTE program hopes to grow in the coming months and be able to help more veterans. More information about the SALUTE program and how to apply can be found on the web at:


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