I sit back today and reflect on all the transitions one could have in life; from elementary school to high school, high school to college, moving into a new home, and starting a new job/career.

A few years back, CDS realized there was a gap in services for young adults living with developmental disabilities who were facing life's transitions. Not only were they uncertain of how to get to through this next phase, their parents/loved ones had great concern.

It was our duty at CDS to take on this challenge and create an avenue for people to be supported as they transition through life. CDS works with each individual and their family, school district or agency to support the pursuit of each person's personal dreams through a variety of programs offered at the Wolf Life Transitions Center in Webster, NY.

The CDS Transition Program is a new and innovative program designed for young adults with developmental disabilities where they obtain the skills needed to be successful in independent living, day services or employment programs. Individuals with developmental disabilities who enter this program learn to develop work skills, life skills as well as volunteer and participate in job exploration. With this specialized support, young adults transition from school to adult services and from family home to community living smoothly -
offering greater peace of mind for parents too!

The Life Transitions Services are a unique and innovative response to the needs of families who have been frustrated by the lack of transitions services in the community, especially for young adults.

I invite you to visit our website at
www.cdsunistel.org to learn more!



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